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How has McDonald’s addressed the consumers wants and needs to maintain their status as the leading fast food company?

by on June 1, 2012

McDonald’s is a revolutionary company that has provided millions of jobs as well as fed millions and paved the way for the method that other companies use to make their food. 

More than 50% of their owner operators have started off working behind the counter. McDonald’s has provided jobs opportunities not only nationwide but world wide and is the leading employer for immigrants. The fact that someone can get a meal for about under eight dollars shows that Mcdonald’s is one of the cheapest sources of production and labor, while still bringing in one of the biggest profits in the world. They have also influenced other companies to provide steady jobs with low wages. McDonald’s will continue to be the leading innovator in this industry.

Not only have they provided jobs, but given opportunities to people with low income or no other option to purchase their food. They have mastered the skill of making unhealthily delicious food, while still charging low prices. People have been working at McDonald’s for generations. Similar to Starbucks, there are multiple locations in one area, providing convenience and jobs for those in the community, which helps the economy.

They have been the leading innovators in creating meals that fill the consumers but have them coming back for more. To do this, they use products such as pink slime, a beef based meat filler that cannot be legally sold by itself but must be added to meat based processed meats. To keep customers satisfied, they add chicken flavor to their chicken nuggets and add sweeteners to their breads and drinks. Such innovations in the industry have kept them ahead of all the other fast food companies.


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  1. msmuntz permalink

    Your post does not exactly match your question. You ask about customers, but then talk about employees.

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