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How has McDonalds tried to attain technological progress?

by on May 10, 2012

McDonald’s is constantly in the process of improving technology in order to increase profit. In Europe, McDonald’s has started to revolutionize ordering food in a restaurant by exchanging cashiers for a touchscreen computer in which costumers order their own food. With the computer ordering system, costumers will be able to order their food in a faster time allowing for more transactions and more output of food. The fast pace in getting a meal and convenience in paying less for quick service is an appeal to the consumer who wants to spend little and gain more at work. Further, this ordering system    allows McDonald’s to spend less money on employees and less time ordering at the counter and gain more money but obtaining more transactions a day.

In addition, McDonald’s has tackled the technologically advanced society with an interactive billboard. In sweden consumers were able to play a ping pong game on smart phones without having to download an application. The game would then be translated onto a billboard. Those who were able to play for a certain period of time were able to win items from McDonald’s that they desired. The interactive game was a clever and entertaining way to appeal to the tech-savvy people of todays society. This was an advertisement displaying products people could possibly get for free if they played the game and those who did not win would have the desire for a specific item to go out and purchase it themselves. This campaign increased the amount of consumers buying from McDonald’s and contributed to McDonald’s goal of continuing the rise of sales.

Moreover, catering to new social media, McDonald’s entered the world of twitter to attempt to get people to talk about McDonald’s in a positive light. McDonald’s wanted to use twitter to advertise the fresh produce. The twitter campaign, was supposed to allow consumers to advertise and support McDonald’s but with the lack of control over consumer’s tweets, twitter became a place to display criticism towards McDonalds. The twitter disaster displayed that it is important to understand the effects of technology on your audience. Allowing people to give negative feedback destroyed McDonald’s hope for joining twitter, to gain enthusiasm for McDonald’s.  Although, twitter was not the most successful way to utilize technology McDonald’s is constantly strategizing to meet the needs and cater to their audience in order to make a profit.


How does McDonald’s determine what technology should be used to promote the brand?


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