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Why is McDonalds so Successful?

by on April 30, 2012
If you compare a Mcdonalds burger to other fast food chains, it is obvious that the quality is lacking. So why is McDonalds so popular?
One of the foremost reasons for McDonalds popularity is its convenience. It seems there is a McDonalds on every street-corner, drawing you in with its quick and easy drive-thru. This is part of the reason McDonalds is the most successful fast food franchise in the world, raking in 23 billion dollars a year. However, convenience is not the only appealing quality about this restaurant chain.
Low prices also draw in customers. With limited income, people must choose between a 3 dollar hamburger from a locally owned restaurant or a 1 dollar burger from McDonalds. Especially in low-income urban areas, the choice is obvious. This is part of the reason that the fast food chain is most popular in low-income cities and towns. Although many people would rather support a family business, the population of people with enough money to do so is shrinking dramatically as our economy spirals down.
Basically, the convenience and pricing makes McDonalds the supreme choice for hungry people worldwide.
 But has McDonalds profit been increasing or decreasing, and why?
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  1. joshuaaaron123 permalink

    First post! Ha!

  2. msmuntz permalink

    Ok, your initial question is a bit vague and weak.

    You do not give three full paragraphs of analysis, I was hoping you would explain that they take advantage of economies of scale to obtain those low prices, and also compete via non-price factors such as location and service.

    You DO talk about these but you do not explain them using econ vocabulary!

    The requirements say your post should be three to four paragraphs, you/r post is too short, as your first “paragraph” is basically a restating of the question–which if you had a more specific question would not be necessary.

    Your follow up question is fine, but if you pursue research on it, make sure your information is specific and your analysis includes vocab from economics, so as to make sure you stay focused!


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